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Back in Time

Well, tbh, I never really left :D !.. but I certainly dropped the ball with updating my website! I wonder if every artist comes to a point in their career where they are simply unable to keep up with everything lol. I have found that wearing all the hats is really really hard!! My artwork alone takes countless hours to produce, but the creative process is only just the beginning! Then there's the social media (a beast in itself), the marketing, promoting, connecting, selling, creating prints, shipping, working shows, making videos, staying relevant.. It's a lot for one person! I'm working on becoming more regimented, but I think in order to successfully grow you need a good team! Luckily I have an amazing support system and we are working on expanding in a new exciting way! ... stay tuned!!

So let's recap the past year!!

But first, hello 2020 what is your deal? Lol. Everything was going so great. Not just for me but for everyone it seemed! Myself and my fellow artist were flourishing. I love watching careers take off! I love sharing in the collective experience of adding beauty to the world. Now the world has come to a halt and we are all left wondering what's next?

Back in August a huge dream of mine came true. I was offered a solo show at one of my most favorite galleries Haven Gallery in NY. Overjoyed I spent the next several months working on a brand new collection called "The Wise and the Wilderness". Eight drawings and eight paintings. I adore this series, it is so special to me. Below is every piece in the collection:

I knew I had to be at the opening. Tyler and I bought plane tickets made hotel reservations and flew up to be at the gallery in person for the weekend. We had an absolute blast in NY. As the first US state I ever lived in, it will always have a special place in my heart. The opening was wonderful, our hosts were the best, and seeing the whole collection together in one place is just the greatest feeling. The show was on February 22nd and who would have guessed that just two weeks later the whole world would shut down.

"The Wise and the Wilderness" series is about the journey to obtain wisdom. The orbs represent the wisdom and in each painting it is being given, protected, shared, lost, found, etc. The background elements represent aspects of our society such as friendships, distractions, loyalty, greed and the girls represent our interaction with them. They were created in the order above but can be started in any order as each path is different :)

I don't know what else I can say to add to everything you already know about the Covid situation. We are all hurting in different ways. But at the very least try to enjoy this down time. Do the things you love the most at your home, or never had much time to do before because you were always out and about. We should all take this time to evaluate what we need and what we care for the most. Call and FaceTime people. It only takes a few minutes and we should all do that more anyway! Time is special and precious and we should use it wisely. I believe we can come out of this enlightened by the experience. It just takes a little shift in perception.

In other quarantine news! In 2019 we also bought our first house! A sweet little fixer upper from 1962 in south Florida. So for months and months now we have been fixing and upping and Im finally at a place where I want to show the progress! So I'll create a whole before and after blog with tons of pictures and videos. This house will be my masterpiece!

So with the house and the show that has pretty much been my entire life this past year. I guess I can't be too hard on myself for not updating - I have had my hands full of projects! But even though I'm no stranger to being at home all the time, even I feel I have more time to catch up on the things Ive slacked on. Get ready for a bunch of new art, brand new prints, and new collaborations, and tons of pictures of my house and garden!

Stay safe everyone! And wash your hands!! :D

<3 Julia


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