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Expression of Art Magazine Spring 2021

Disney Parks Blog March 2021

Martin Arts Magazine Fall 2019/Winter 2020

VoyageMIA Interview April 2019 

Canyon Voices Literary Magazine Issue 16 Fall 2017


Artsy Shark Artist Feature October 2017


The Guide Artists March 2017 Free Download


Whurk Magazine Cover  January 2017


Pan Pastel Featured Artist July 2016


Yay! La Magazine Yay! Legends Every Day July 2016


Constructed By March 2016


Tartarus Magazine Issue #4 March 2016


Out of Step Books: Enchanted January 2016


Gingerbread House Literary Magazine #15 October 2015


Portfolios Magazine 2015


Gorgeous Magazine Fall 2014


PhotoVogue July-November 2014


Interview with an Artist, by Dawn Boyer, December 2014


Bastion&Co NYC October 2014


Out of Step Books, Feathers of Inspiration October 2014


Alchemist Magazine July 2014


DPI Magazine July 2014


Visual Artistry Magazine, June 2014


Hidden Treasure Art Magazine Yearbook Vol 2 2014


Art Kills Artists, Featured Illustrator of the Month January 2014, Featured Illustrator December 2013


International Contemporary​ Artists Vol 7 November 2013


Visual Artistry Magazine , Featured Illustrator, 2013


FabEgo Magazine Featured Illustrator and contributer 2013




Children's Books 2010-2014


Under the Tree Book series written by Danielle Leibovici

"Waiting For Emma: A Brothers Story" 2014

"Under the Tree" 2013

"With You Always"2012

"If You Love Me So Much" 2011




Franklin Bean Book series written by Emmy Swain

"Franklin Bean: Secrets of the Bay" 2013

"Franklin Bean and Bubbies Bullies" 2014

"Franklin Bean and Hurricane Hilda" coming soon!! 




"Mr. Froggie Meets Mr. Owl" written by Linda P. Vakos 2012

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