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About the Artist


Julia Gabrielov was born in Kharkov Ukraine in 1986. At the age of 2, her parents immigrated to the United States with her and her grandparents. From a young age it was apparent that Julia had an affinity for art. She would spend hours upon hours drawing with her mom in their tiny Brooklynn apartment. Growing up in Virginia, she loved taking art classes, but creating came naturally. The desire to explore new mediums has taken her career in many different directions. As a model and cosplayer for almost ten years, Julia became enthralled in the fashion and costume industries. She would make clothing for photoshoots, style hair and makeup, and discover beautiful settings to create the perfect image.


"Story telling is a passion that resonates within everything I do. Whether it is realism, animation, or garment making, I desire to share a fantasy world with my audience. That is why I love painting series."


In 2010 Julia's passion for storytelling evolved into a profession as a children's book illustrator. Her works include the "Under The Tree" series, the "Franklin Bean" series, and the most recent "Baby From The Moon". In between jobs, Julia would write and illustrate her own short stories. Those stories soon evolved into stand alone images. She knew that whether or not there were words, each image had to tell a story.


By the end of 2013 Julia's dream of being a professional was becoming a reality. Creating original artwork purely from love and imagination became her full time career. Since then she has worked tirelessly to create beautiful works of art that resonates with her broad audience. Joining international art collective “Copycat Violence” (2014-2017) boosted her reach and opened many doors. She began showing in international galleries and recognized in publications.


Julia's style has undergone many transitions, from anime to hyperrealism. Practicing all these different styles has influenced her style as well as imagination. Today she is still developing her collections and showing in galleries all over the world. Taking on projects from murals to children's books. 


"We live in an amazing era for art through the power of social media. Never before have artists been able to connect with each other, their audience, and expand their brand in this way. Every day I speak with friends, collectors, and galleries from so many different places. It’s incredible!”


Julia currently resides in beautiful Jensen Beach Florida with her husband and dogs, Bella & Lana "Dog Rey"



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