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Best Month of the Year

February 2014

Happy birthday to me! Happy birthday to me! February has always been one of my favorite months. Not only because my birthday is on the 3rd, but for me it's the month of possibilities, decisions making, and cross roads. Now that the glimmer and gleam of the New Year (more importantly the New Years resolution) has worn off, it is time to put some real effort into making this year the best it can be! All that really means is sticking to your guns. If you say you want to accomplish something, go do it! If it works out in your favor that’s wonderful, if not, don't despair and keep moving forward. There is always something even better to aspire to. As an artist, you are your own boss, your own understudy, your own team, and your own assistant. Sure, you may be fortunate enough to be able to hire some of those people to lighten the load, but your ideas, what you want to do as an artist, is your own. So if you don't do it, who will?

Have an inspired February!

xx Julia

"Sirens Call"


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