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Life on the Treasure Coast

Happy New Year dear family, friends, and followers! I hope your holidays were a magical time spent with loved ones. Mine were just that but also, quite hectic lol. Going home for the holidays is a non stop whirlwind of making family rounds, squeezing in as many activities as possible, making sure to spend enough time with everyone. That's always the hope anyway. There is truly never enough time and ten days go by in a flash. I have to say, I miss my friends and family terribly- but I really love life in Florida. Coming home after the holidays was like a vacation in itself. After an action packed last few months, I couldn't wait to get back to my quiet little home and do nothing but paint.

Since my last blog post (in September.. ::facepalm::) I took on a slew of new projects including a brand new children's book! The book is called "Baby From the Moon" by Mrs D and is due to be released early this Spring. A three month long labor of love. I will post all throughout my social media as soon as it's released! Also look for updates on

I also had the opportunity to collaborate with Devious Elements Apparel in Hollywood FL and put my art all over a slew of products! From T's to Leggings, pillows and tote bags- you can now wear all you favorite images! There is sure to be something for everyone. This year we will be working closely to create brand new artwork exclusive to the clothing line. Head over to to browse the whole selection!

Another amazing opportunity was The Mural project at Ground Floor Farm in historic downtown Stuart. The massive farm/cafe is surrounded by sections of 6ft tall fencing. Ground Floor farm sought the permission of the city to turn their ordinary fences into extraordinary works of art. Upon approval the project searched for local artists to paint a different section of the fence as they see it. I was one of those lucky artists and here is the result:

I am so happy with how she turned out! A special thanks to my sponsors Roy and Ellyn Stevenson- thank you for helping make Ground Floor Farm an art destination!

This crazy year ended with an incredible five day stay in Miami with friend and designer Melissa Gumley (@adhddriven) for Art Basel! What a sensory overload that was- in the best possible way. Five days was not even enough time to see everything. Next year I hope to not only attend but show art as well!

I leave you with a glimpse of our adventure at Art Basel :) Lets make 2018 the best year ever!

Art Basel, Miami, December 2017

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