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Time Forever Flies

Achievement unlocked: This is officially the longest I've gone without posting! Not exactly a thing of pride.. I just can't believe I let it go for this long! Last year was my busiest yet. From illustrating a children's book, to outdoor festivals, t gallery shows, and taking a 5 week 10,000 mile cross country road trip!! Something was bound to be left behind and unfortunately that something was my website. I don't usually like to admit to being overwhelmed. I'm someone who likes to take every challenge head on, embrace every opportunity, and never let anything stand in my way. But sometimes you need to reevaluate and reprioritize and for me that means no longer leaving my site on the back burner!

This year you can look forward to:

Updates every month - including show information

Video time lapses and tutorials

A brand new shop with varieties originals available each month!

And More!

Instead of further rambling trying to recap 2018 I will summarize with all my favorite photos!

Have a lovely March you'll be hearing from me soon <3

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