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October 2014

Doesn't it always seem like before you know it another month has gone by? I hate to rush through the rest of this year, to be honest, I really cannot wait until 2015. This whole year has been big blur.. a big fantastic wonderful action filled blur, but I always feel like I am playing catch up... Now that I think about it, that could just be an artists life.

Still, I would like to think that there is a groove that I will eventually slip into where everything is planned for ahead of time and deadlines are always met. At least I hope.

October objective: to finish some long over due pieces. While trying my hardest to not start any new ones. Which is easier said than done lol.

I want to thank some recent publications for publishing my work. I am so excited Out of Step Books has finally released their two volume art book set "Birds of Inspiration" where I am thrilled to have my two pieces "Birds of Paradise" and "Fallen" featured. I cannot wait to get mine! Also a big thank you to Brazilian based Gorgeous Magazine and Bastion & CO nyc blog for featuring my art this month as well. You can view these here or in my publications section :)

And lastly, my campaign will be running until the end of the year if you would like to support my journey to Miami next year :) I still have many prizes for your contributions!

Thank you all!!

Have an inspired October!

xx Julia

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