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Begin Again, Begin Again

January 2016

Happy New year everyone! Is it me or did 2015 fly right by? Looking back it could be because I tried to cram so many different projects into my schedule and ended up spreading myself pretty thin. This year will be a little different :)

This year I plan on concentrating less on shows and more on creating really meaninful works of art. I found that while participating in many shows is a great way to gain exposure, it ends up becoming about quanity rather than quality. So many of my works will be large, deep, and take a long time to finish. But that was where I started this journey and I want to get back on that path.

I will also be re-doing the way my shop looks and the products I offer. I will no longer have unlimited quanties of prints, including mini prints. I will be offereing a few framed, ready to hang pieces at a time. There will be much less selection this way but I think it will be more meaningful to collectors to be able to snatch up pieces as they become available. Originals will also be uploaded a few at a time. I plan on starting a neat little thing every week called "Mermaid Mondy." Each Monday I wil have a small original mermaid sketch available either in my shop or with a new selling partner that I will announce on my social media shortly :) These works will be very affordable an one of a kind.

I do have two group shows coming up in the next two months. "Geometries" in Sally Centigrade Gallery in Denver CO openning Feb 11th and "Muse" in Penumbra Gallery in Lisbon Portugal openning in March. Both with my art collective Copycat Violence. After those I don't have any shows planned and I will be starting a few large works I have been planning for and finishing some long overdue paintings!

Have an inspired January!

xx Julia

"Forget Me Not 1"

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