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Tale of the Reclusive Artist

September 2016

This is probably the longest I've gone without updating my blog! I appologize to any of my readers who follow my adventures and have been left hanging! I'm pretty sure most of you follow me on social media as well and have been kept up to date with my whirlwind of a summer!

At this point, as per usual, I don't have to tell you all how busy life is getting! Becoming a successful artist is incredibly challenging and ever evolving. New projects, new shows, new connections, it can be very overwheling. Many things (like my website) can fall to the waist-side. But Wix, my website host, has just rolled out a brand new way to blog and I think it will be much easier and faster for me to keep this updated!! Vey excited about this!

So many things to get caught up on!

This summer was full of art and traveling!! From San Diego California to Asheville North Carolina to Stuart Florida, I got to experience some of the coolest cities in the US! Between you and me... My husband and I are scouting for a new city to move to! We love where we live, but we are both ready for a change as well as a larger place with more opportunty. Stay tuned <3

Early May I got swarmed with 7 commissions all at once! Needless to say, they took over my life for three months and was a big part of why I stopped updating lol. Now at the end of August, I am just about finished with the last one and can move on to a whole slew of other projects! Like the upcoming NEON festival September 15th in Norfolk VA. I am experimenting with some really cool effects on four brand new pieces. These effects are top secret and will be revieled closer to the show :)

In July I was featured by my all time favorite medium Pan Pastel on their website This is a huge honor for me to be recognized by the creators of Pan Pastel. They have brought my artwork to so many new levels just in the short two yeras I have been using them. You can read the whole post here. I also want to thank Yay! LA Magazine for featuring my Sailormoon fan art "Neo Crystal Tokyo" in their Yay! Legends Every Day as well as doing an artist spotlight on my artwork on their website :)

Now that we are all caught up, I bid farwell to summer and welcome fall and all its new adventures!

Have an inspired Fall!

xx Julia

"Neo Crystal Tokyo"

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