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Oh The Places You Will Go..

November 2015

It officially feels like fall. Time to go into hibernation mode!

This time of the year as it gets colder, I start wrapping up my shows for the year, and I shift my focus to finishing projects that were left undone. There are always pieces that I have to stop working on because other projects take precedence. It always breaks my heart to leave a piece, but I know there will be a time when I pick it up again. That time is now! Thats means for the next few months I won't be able to take any new commissions, but I will be posting new eye candy on my social media and creating new prints and products with them!

There is still time to catch a few of my works on display before 2016. November 14th is the openning of Copycat Violence Art Collective group show "Interiors." The will be hosted by Gristle Tattoo & Gallery in Brooklyn NY and sponsored by Trekell Art Supplies. "Memento Mori" International group show opens on November 24th in Lisbon Portugal. And all this month my art will be on display at Zeke's Beans and Bowls in Norfolk VA. (more info on all these in my "shows" section) If you are heading up to Zeke's, shoot me a message and I may meet you up there!

So look for all the new art to drop on my ig @juliagabrielov.. aaaannd...

Have an inspired November!

xx Julia

"Born in Camouflage"

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