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October 2015

I hope you all had a beautiful and fun filled summer! Thank you to all my social media followers for your continued support! You all know how busy I have been over the last few months :) that once again I have neglected to update my website.

If you don't already follow, please find me on instagram @juliagabrielov and facebook to stay up to date on all my projects, shows, and sales.

This summer I had plenty to keep me busy. The biggest progect I took on was my 16 piece series titled "Forget Me Not." This series was a true testimate of my ability to commit to and finish a series on time for the sale. I have to say, although I am proud of my efforts and outcome, 16 pieces is a lot, and I will probably limit my future series to 10 pieces at most lol. I am also proud to say that the entire series sold out within 2 weeks! Thank you so much to all my buyers and collectors!! I am so thankful for all of you <3

In September I was the featured artist at a local cafe known as Zeke's Beans & Bowls here in Virginia Beach VA. They have a rotating artist showcase every month and I am very honored to be included. In November I will be their artist agian but this time at the Norfolk location in the up and coming Arts District (or as it is being called now, the NEON district). I will post an update when it gets closer to that time so hopefully if you are in the area you can come to the openning night or just come visit anytime through the month.

Once again thank you to everyone who follows my work on any platform. I want you to know that I do it all for you. The future is so exciting and hold so much and I am so excited to share my journey with all of you. Love you all

Have an inspired October!

xx Julia


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