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June 2015

Happy June! Yet another belated post for me! It's almost time to hire a social media person ;)

As it gets harder for me to update all of the social media there is nowadays, I am seriously considering hiring someone to help me. But is anyone willing to work for free? Lol.

Many things to update you all on. Last month there was an explosion at my art center (D'Art Center in Norfolk VA) while no one was hurt and only minimal damage to a few studios, the center is closed for the forseeable future for repair :( So all of my artwork is living in my home studio with no one to see it.. If anyone knows of any galleries calling for art or future shows I could be a part of please let me know! I found a few galeries so far but more would be better! Also, since I am so overwhelemed with the amount of art I currently possess, I am going to be selling a good majority of it. Some will be sold through my shop, some privately, and I will also be considering all offers! So if you have had an eye on a piece don't hesitate to ask!

June 15th is the openning of the "Ghost Stories" show at Penumbra Gallery in Portugal. My piece "The Spirits of The Marsh" is making her journey there now :) if you are interested in purchasing this piece please contact the gallery directly.

Have a beautiful and inspired June!

xx Julia

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