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Where Does the Time Go?

March 2015

Seems like I fell off the face of the Earth after the New Year! Well I guess I kind of did.. I fell into a universe made up of endless pools of pure color called oil paint and I have yet to find my way out ...

But I'll come back to Earth for just one day, at least to update my website ;)

Time escapes me.. But I couldn't be happier! My life is art and art is my life. I honestly thought I would be burnt out or at least out of ideas by now. But the ideas keep coming.. most of the time I can't keep up. I am left wishing I had a few more sets of hands.

It is almost the end of March, and since I am determined to update this regularly again, I will keep this short.

April 11th is the start of the Wearable Arts Festival at D'Art Center in Norfolk VA. I will have a few gowns and headpieces (and some art ofcourse) I made on display and walking around the openning night of the 11th and also during the closing runway ceremony. If you are in the Norfolk VA area don't miss these events! There will also be events all throughout the month and I will post about them in about a week.

I am also working on my first solo show to go up later this year :) More info about that soon too!

Have a wonderful and inspired rest of March!

xx Julia

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