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The Process

January 2015

Hello 2015! Another year with brand new possibilities!

This month marks my one year anniversary as a full time artist, and so far so good :)! As per usual, I am already backed up with commissions and pieces for upcoming shows. But this year I am doing something I have never attempted for my artwork. I want to use all of my own reference photos from the model to the background. This is something I haven't fully done in the past. Usually, I find my face, piece it together with someone else's body (sometimes even my own lol) and then add a background. So to eliminate piecing things together as much as possible, I will be setting up photoshoots with my own models to make my pieces truly my own! I am really excited about this and have already started shooting :D if you are interested in modeling and potentially becoming one of my lovely creations just shoot me an email with a headshot and your info to This will be an ongoing thing so send anytime or recommend to a friend!

I hope you all are as driven as I am to make this year the best it can be!

Have a very happy new year and an inspired January

xx Julia

"The Flight Between Dreams"

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