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One with the Storm

December 2014

So we'll just go ahead and skip over November since it was a blur anyway :)

I'm so happy the year is coming to an end! Seems weird to say, but with so many deadlines looming at the end of the year, I am more than ready to finish all I have to do and move forward! Among these are many commissioned pieces. So for the time being I am unavailable to take new commissions.

A few cool things to announce this month:

First I am pleased that my in-depth artist interview with Dawn Boyer is now available in a stunning fully illustrated book! You can find it for sale here and get it just in time for the holidays :)

Next, all December I will be listing many of my previously unavailable artwork for sale in my shop! I am always reluctant to sell my pieces because they mean so much to me. But all artists learn when it is time to let go and share with the world. Keep checking back for more artwork as I will be adding more in the next couple of weeks.

And Finally, if you are in the Port Townsend area of Washington you should definitely go to the Echoes of Perception show at Red Raven Gallery! The show opens on December 6th and will feature the artwork of the Copycat Violence art collective including myself. Another show I wish I could be a part of.. if you go send me pictures!

I hope you all have a lovely holiday season and an inspired New Year :)

xx Julia


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