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Taking The Show on The Road

July 2014

After a great first open house at my studio, things are finally winding down again and I can just work on creating new artwork for you :)

Thank you to everyone that joined us at Studio 122 for our grand opening It was such a successful night that we plan on doing many more. Stay posted for further details.

Like every summer, I expect this one to fly by. Especially since I will be spending most of it drawing the day away. But it's ok. This September/October my husband and I are driving across the country and along the way I plan on doing a small tour! This time we are taking the Northern route: starting in Virginia, going up through Chicago, across Montana, and arriving in Seattle. We also plan on spending a few days in Vancouver. I already have a few showings planned but if you live in any of these areas (or along the way) and have some suggestions, please feel free to contact me and let me know! Can't wait! So it's back to work I go!

Have an inspired July!

xx Julia

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