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June 2014

Wow.. so much has been happening in the last month that once agin I am caught catching my breathe. Pretty soon I will have to hire someone to do this for me because I am simply running out of time lol.


This month I have been moving my entire life into my brand new studio and I have officially become a resident artist at D'Art Center in Norfolk VA ( I am so incredibly honored to be chosen to have a work space amongst these amazing and established artists. If you are ever in the downtown area of Norfolk come say hi! I am in Studio 122. Our grand opening Open House is Sunday June 22nd from 6-9pm :)

At the end of last month I participated in Art Deck Company's Artists on Board show in Portland Oregon. I wish I could have attended the show myself.. but I had so much fun creating a custom skateboard! My board "Poisoned Nectar" is now for sale on their website or use the direct link here.

Once again, thank you so much to my social media followers for your kindness and support- fellow artists and appreciators alike. I believe we live in a great era for art and that it will only continue to become greater. Artists finally have the opportunity to be seen and to follow their dreams in a brand new way. Your motivation is what keeps us going :)

Have an inspired June!

xx Julia

"Delicate Fautor"

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