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May 2014

For the last month and a half I have been so insanely busy I didn't even have a chance to write an update for April. So I will just have to do an early one for May :)

Last week I was chosen to be an resident artist at D'Art Center in Norfolk VA ( I am extremely excited about this!! I get my own studio space where I can display, sell, and more importantly talk to people about my artwork. I can't wait to dive into the community and see where it takes me!

This month I am working on a ton of projects including a skateboard for The Art Deck Company ( The show is May 31st-June 1st in Portland Oregon. If you happen to be in that area please check out this amazing show and all of the incredible talent.

I am also now a part of two art collectives: Femme Thou Art Collective and Copycat Violence. Check us out on Facebook and Instagram we would love your support!

Once again, I want to thank everyone who follows my art. Without you I wouldn't have anyone to create art for :) Hard work and encouragement goes a long way!

Have an inspired May!

xx Julia

"Poisoned Nectar"

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