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A Beautiful Life

March 2014

February ended on a sad note with the sudden passing of my sweet doggie Tiko. Those of you that follow me on social media know how special and amazing he was and how much he meant to my husband and I. For a while it felt like all the good in the world was taken away. I wondered if I would even be inspired in the same way again. Then, I thought about all the magical times we shared: from kayak tours, to hiking, even swimming with dolphins. Tiko's life was a grand adventure everyday and he was so very loved on top of that. It's never easy to lose anyone that is important to you. But it makes you realize that a life, even short one, can matter so much to so many. His beautiful light will live inside of me as long as I hold on to it. This spring it will blossom into a whole slew of new artwork dedicated to the celebration of life.

Have an inspired March!

xx Julia


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